Longtime Nebraska automotive dealer, Tim Bunn, recently sold his independent dealership and purchased a Mitsubishi dealership down the road.

The event was covered and celebrated in the local Lincoln Journal Star with this article.

The article covered how Tim started his career working at a Ford dealership only to work his way through the ranks and become a partner in the business. In 2016, he sold the Ford dealership to run and operate an independent dealership named Moxie Auto Sales.

When asked why he decided to become a franchised dealership again he said, “I’ve been working with Rich Dealers® for 5 years now and the program worked great for me as both a Ford dealer and as an independent dealer, but after some research and seeing other Mitsubishi Rich Dealers® success stories, I believe I can achieve even greater returns with the program as a Mitsubishi dealership here in Lincoln, Nebraska.”

It turns out many of the top ten Mitsubishi Dealerships in the country are members of the Rich Dealers® program.

But why does the Rich Dealers® program works so effectively with Mitsubishi dealerships?

Let’s break it down.

Mitsubishi offers a cost-effective way for almost anyone to own a Nicer, Newer® car—from the luxury Outlander to the affordable Mirage, the Mitsubishi brand has something for everyone.

As a member of the Rich Dealers® program, you’re able to demonstrate a focused mission on helping people overcome the everyday problems that keep them stuck driving a car they hate.

You see people often think they can’t drive a Nicer, Newer® car for one of many reasons—maybe they don’t have enough for a down payment or they have more than a year left on their lease or their credit isn’t perfect. And sometimes there’s nothing wrong with their current ride. They just don’t like it anymore. The list is virtually endless.

“But through your mission as a Rich Dealer®,  people see you as community partner and Solutions Provider first,” said Tim. “And as a Solutions Provider, you’re offering help directly to the people who feel trapped in their current cars.”

These people who feel trapped in their old cars actually make up the majority of the population. In fact, we’ve discovered that only 2% of the population is actively shopping for a Nicer, Newer® car while the other 98% of the market is sitting at home dreaming of upgrading their vehicle. So when your messaging speaks to this 98%, you’re tapping into and motivating a virtually untouched portion of the market to buy now.

The truth of the matter is everyone wants to drive a Nicer, Newer® car. But, according to Tim, as a Rich Dealer®, you’re seen as one of the few car dealers who can actually make it happen.

“That’s the power of the program,” said Tim, “when you’re in business to help customers live their best lives by solving the common problems that have kept them stuck in a car they hate, you build a positive reputation in your community and you start to get more customers than ever before.”

The solution provider model Rich Dealers® provides mixed with the Mitsubishi brand’s product structure delivers a match made in car selling heaven.

“I’ve been a Rich Dealer® for 5 years now and it has drastically changed my business for the better. I can’t wait to see how being a Mitsubishi dealer accelerates my success even more. I sell more cars and make more net than I ever dreamed of because of the help from Rich Dealers®.”

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