Out of all the sessions at NADA’s conference in Las Vegas, a valuable session about BDC culture stole the show.

Probably because as dealerships around the country are starting to experience better CSI and an increase in sales due to a strong culture in their BDC, others are scrambling to duplicate the same results in their business.

The country’s leading expert on automotive BDC culture, Shannon Everhart, explained how a healthy culture motivates BDRs and pushes them towards success. When this drive to achieve more is alive within your BDC, your BDRs are going to work harder to set more appointments. And if your BDRs are setting more appointments, you’ll naturally have more traffic in your showroom. And with more traffic, you’ll naturally sell more cars.

However, rebuilding a BDC culture to be a positive and goal driven environment can be difficult. That’s why Shannon broke down the process into four easy to implement steps.

1. Create A New Team Name

Your BDC needs to act, feel and operate like one cohesive team. The first step in making this process a reality is unifying the team under one common name. Pick a name that makes everyone feel connected and reinforces the culture you’re trying to build.

2. Define A Team Mission And Purpose

Once the team is established, create a common goal. Your mission and purpose should involve your dealership’s values—are you people-oriented? Do you believe in helping every customer? Then that should be part of your mission. People work harder when they feel they’re working towards a noble cause and they understand why the work they do is important.

3. Establish A Simplified Pay Plan

When asked, many BDRs don’t understand their pay plan, and this confusion leads to complacency in their positions. By simplifying the way your BDRs are paid and directly rewarding good behavior, you’re providing positive reinforcement to the hard workers and enticing others to follow suit.

4. Install Easy To Use Technology

BDRs shouldn’t spend the majority of their time struggling to figure out who to call and attempting to coordinate their own call cadence. Because this struggle takes away time they could be on the phone booking appointments.

Once you’ve completed these four tasks, you’re one step closer to improving the culture of your BDC. But that doesn’t mean you’re done. A great company culture is something you have to continually work at, but when done right, the results will lead to greater success in your dealership.

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