The Golden Age of Rich Dealers® Mastermind Meeting wrapped up last week on May 1st in Orlando, Florida. And everyone who attended went home with a head full of and innovative strategies to help their dealership grow, including insider knowledge about Facebook.

This was truly a meeting of masterminds as Jim & Travis were joined on stage by our very own nationally recognized Digital Marketing expert Rich Bolandi; Brent Parres, of Facebook Automotive Group; and Tim Daher, an automotive consumer data analysis from Oracle. The guest speakers not only shared insider updates about the current digital automotive climate, but they also shared key insights into the future of digital marketing—things every dealer should know about Facebook and digital marketing in order to achieve the best results.

Here’s what you missed:

1. The Evolution of Mobile

“The future of smartphones isn’t coming,” said Travis. “No, it’s here,” answered Jim. In fact, there are currently almost 8 billion active smartphones around the world, and that number only continues to grow each day. Brent said, “Mobile phones are no longer just technology, they’re a growing consumer behavior.” And we know people check Facebook on average 8 times a day, with the majority of these times happening on their phone. Brent went on to explain that this is why Facebook advertising is one of the most effective digital marketing mediums a dealership can use.

2. Trends Consumers Love

Brent also outlined three current trends every business should keep in mind in order to stay ahead of the current digital marketplace, while Jim and Travis elaborated on how each Rich Dealer® ad focuses on these ideas.

  • Hyper-Personalization—Nowadays, people aren’t as easily swayed by mass-market focused advertisements—people want personalization. Studies show 75% of North Americans will choose to purchase from a brand that personalizes to their preferences over one that doesn’t.
  • On Demand—As technology gets better, consumers want things faster. If you’re able to deliver the same results as your competitor but faster and more efficiently, you’re more likely to win them over and make the sale. Rich explained how this plays an integral part of all his digital strategies.
  • Desire To Belong To Something Greater—In a world where we’re all connected by the internet, it’s important to note that consumers are still seeking the promise of community built into their purchases.

3. Creating An Experience

Rich always says, “Good Facebook ads should create an experience.” Why? Because in this world of hyper-personalization, people want more exciting experiences. When you make the ad feel fun and engaging, you’re more likely to gain the consumer’s attention and ensure they buy from you and only you.

4. Lead Gen Ads In The Driver’s Seat

“The future of automotive marketing in Facebook is in Lead Gen Ads,” stated Brent. Even Facebook recognizes Lead Gen Ads as the most efficient way to see direct results from your digital marketing. “And the people at Rich Dealers® do them better than anyone else,” said Brent.

5. Negative Keywords Make A Positive Impact

If Rich wanted everyone to walk away from this meeting remembering anything it was this, “negative keywords are the real secret sauce that makes Google campaigns.” He went on to explain how his team has spent hundreds of hours of time building out extensive negative keyword lists that no robot at another marketing agency could ever dream of duplicating. “It takes real humans to generate real results, and that’s what we’ve got here at Gravitational Marketing®,” said Travis.

6. The Real Competition Online

You’re not just competing with other dealerships on Facebook, you’re competing with a much broader pool of competition—baby pictures and cat videos. The truth of the matter is, your ads are contained within the Facebook feed, so they’ll often be nestled in between your prospects’ friends’ uploads. This is tough competition! So your ads need to be interesting enough to draw their attention away from content about the things and people they already love.

7. Data, Data, Data

The technology giant Oracle knows who you are. Well, that’s not exactly true, but they know what you like, where you shop and your general online browsing habits. During his presentation, Tim explained the scope of data Oracle collects and how this helps ads reach the right audiences. And Jim said, “because of our exclusive partnership with Oracle, we gain the ability to target the audience who’s most likely to interact with your ads, making Rich Dealers’ campaigns among the most effective in the industry.”

8. Combining Consumer Profiles 

Our partnerships with Facebook and Oracle combine to make a trifecta of automotive digital marketing relationships. We take the coveted data and consumer profiles from our exclusive partnership with Oracle and layer it on top of the information we gain through our partnership with Facebook, so we can deliver the best leads in the most cost-effective way.

This Golden Age of Rich Dealers® Mastermind Meeting wasn’t just a peek under the digital hood, both the experts at Gravitational Marketing® and their partners from Facebook and Oracle blew open the doors to the future of digital marketing in a whole new way for every car dealer.

Every Rich Dealers® meeting sends our dealers home with insider information about the technology fueling their businesses success and a variety of tools to further improve their current systems. But the meetings are only a small part of what this membership offers, to hear more about how being Rich Dealer® could help your dealership dominate your market CLICK HERE to sign up for your free demo today.