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The Secret to Finding Your Next “Big Idea”

Hint: It Starts With A “C” Are you a creative person? We assume your answer is, “No. I am not a creative person.” The majority of the adult population believes they are not creative, although creativity is something everyone is born with. NASA tested groups of children for creativity and 95% of five year-olds tested as highly creative. Then years later as adults, only 2% of these same people tested as highly creative. The majority of people lose their creativity as they grow older. But why? Because creativity is not accidental. It’s the result of your personal determination to...

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Stop Switching. Start Succeeding.

Human nature causes us to constantly search for bigger, better and faster ways to get things done. It doesn’t matter if you sell cars or cakes, odds are you’ll always be on the hunt for that brand new service or technology guaranteed to make life and business Enjoyable, Simple & Prosperous—something we call ESP®. We’re all susceptible. But beware of what we call the “Bright & Shiny Object Syndrome.” It may be hurting your ability to perform at your best. The often-overlooked “Bright & Shiny Object Syndrome” —BSOS for short—cannot be alleviated by wearing shades or taking antibiotics. When...

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