Author: Cat Fletcher

What Football Can Teach You About Training Salespeople

If you love sports, particularly football, January is one of the best months of the year. Things start off with great college Bowl games and the National Championship and then the NFL playoffs kick into gear. More than any other sport, football involves detailed preparation and execution, and even if you are not a football fan, you can learn some useful tactics to better run your business and sell more cars. Prepare for the Big Day: Some of the most successful coaches of all time say games are won in practices the week leading up to the big game....

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Here are the results of the Weekend Traffic Poll for December 16-18.

There was a major downward shift in traffic last weekend as 66% of respondents to the Weekend Traffic Poll reported slow traffic. That means that 15% more dealerships experienced slower traffic last weekend than the weekend of 12/9. Overall, December’s traffic is trending down 11 points from November’s average. This outlook is glum as we wrap up the few remaining weeks of 2016. Moreover, this suggests that many dealerships are not experiencing the actualization of outlooks expressed in the last Dealer Confidence Index.   This may also be the beginning of the dip many industry experts are forecasting in...

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