Author: Sarah Beattie

It’s Not What You Say…It’s How You Say It—Teaching Your Team Tonality And How It Can Help You Sell More Cars

You teach your salespeople about the inventory, the processes, and how to close a sale. But most salespeople are never trained on their tonality even though good use of tonality can help your team build rapport with customers, which will help them close more deals. That’s why we’ve put together a guide for training your team on the importance of tonality.

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The Fall Of The Modern Car Dealer

These days being a car dealer is rough. From the price wars to growing government regulations to perceptions in the media, it feels like NO ONE is on your side. What’s worse, some dealers are content to sit by and be a slave to these factors. But our new infographic will show you how to easily break free from the chains, come out ahead and sell more cars today.

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