Summertime is primetime for dealerships. More ups, more opportunities, more sales, more growth. There’s more of everything during the summer.

And don’t let people tell you this summer won’t be the same. There’s just as much, if not MORE potential for you to take this summer by storm and shatter any previous summer sales records.

Despite everything that’s been going on the last several months, people are still buying cars right now, and it’ll be the dealers who put in the work that see the biggest sales this summer.

Here’s everything your dealership needs to do to dominate your market and attract more customers this summer selling season.

Lean Into Buying Incentives  

With low-interest-rates and new payment deferral programs, there’s never been a better time to shop for a car. Unfortunately, with so much going on in the media, many customers aren’t even aware of the opportunities available to them.

You need to create advertising that includes these incentives. Highlight the impact these incentives would have on the customers. Tell them about the car buying process at your dealership and see how shoppers flock to buy from you.

Double Down On Advertising Efforts

Speaking of advertising, do it. In fact, double down on your advertising.

Right now, some dealerships are taking their foot off the adverting gas pedal. And we understand why, either they’re trying to save money during these crazy times or they’re incorrectly assuming that because it’s selling season, they’ll get plenty of customers without any advertising.

But neither of those reasons justify shutting down the one thing you can do to consistently get more customers to show up at your dealership. And just because other dealers are silently slipping into the background, doesn’t mean you should.

Plus, if you’re one of the only dealerships advertising when others aren’t, your message will stand out more in a less crowded market. Essentially, you’ll attract customers that other dealerships are letting fall by the wayside. The unique opportunity to be one of the only voices in a market won’t last forever—take advantage of it while you still can.

Continue To Offer Online And In-Person Buying Options

While many stay-at-home restrictions have been lifted, many people are still avoiding any “unnecessary” contact as much as possible. But even if people aren’t going out as regularly, they’ll still need vehicles to get around.

Because summer is still the time when most households take vacations and many more of those families will be driving this summer, there is still a lot of opportunity to capitalize on for smart dealers.

That means if your dealership has already perfected hands-free buying options, continuing to offer this option could double the number of customers you’re able to help.

Don’t Let Others Scare You. People Are Still Shopping.

Numerous people have varying opinions about the auto industry right now. But just because some news sources are reporting that sales are down, doesn’t mean sales need to be down at your dealership.

Some dealerships will hear that summer sales are down and respond by reducing staff, cutting advertising spend and scaling back available inventory to compensate. But these dealerships are going to miss out on a lot of opportunities. They’re folding in on themselves and actively trying not to sell cars.

Don’t let selling season pass you by just because a few news sources are reporting lower than average numbers—be one of the dealerships that break the mold and becomes a powerhouse in an uncontested market. The opportunity for sales and growth is through the roof for dealerships willing to put in the work.

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