Your customers hate your salespeople. In fact, studies have shown that only 3% of people consider sales reps trustworthy, and that sad percentage drops to 1% when the salesperson is working in the automotive industry.

This is mostly because the current approach to selling cars is outdated. Most salespeople have been trained for years to push for the sale instead of dig for the solution, which has left customers defensive, suspicious and just plain unhappy.

Ultimately resulting in MAJOR problems at the dealership because it makes the car buying process a nightmare for your customers, your salespeople and you.

The Customer’s Nightmare

Now, there might be some harsh truths here. But for a moment, I want you to put yourself in your customers’ shoes…

Shopping for a vehicle is hard. If it weren’t, customers wouldn’t be spending 14 hours or more researching cars online before they visit a dealership. The truth of the matter is that they are looking for a clear answer, and there simply isn’t one.

So they spend night after night stalking dealership websites trying to answer the common questions everyone has. Which car is right for me and my family? What price can I afford? What’s the best option for my situation?

But even with the abundant amount of information available on the Web, the answers still aren’t clear. So they’re spending hours of their life, sifting through mountains of information, which leaves them frustrated and combative before they’ve even reached the dealership.

What they need it a trusted advisor, an expert, who can assess their current situation and make a sound, smart recommendation for their specific situation. But if that’s what they’re looking for, then why aren’t they visiting the dealership? After all, that’s your specialty, isn’t it?

Well, maybe not.

You see, over the years, salespeople in every industry, not just the car business, have learned to rely more and more on the customer doing the legwork themselves. This laziness in conjunction with a lack of training has lead to a sales force that is generally viewed as unskilled, unhelpful and uncaring—the furthest thing from the expert your customer was seeking.

Add to this the general sense of distrust we all feel when making a LARGE purchase and your mere minutes away from disaster.

The Salesperson’s Cross To Bear

Look, we get it it’s no fun being the salesperson who’s working 12 hour days to barely scrape by and pull your draw. You aren’t making enough money, your boss isn’t happy and you never get to see your family.

But it’s not all your sales team’s fault! The art of selling has been slowly deteriorating over the past 2 decades, but we’re close to a breaking point.  People want experts who can help guide them to a decision, and soon they’ll begin demanding them.

But will your team be ready?

Surveys show that most salespeople at dealerships receive less than 8 hours of training, and half of this is a tour of the showroom and a walk to the business office. If your customers want expert salespeople and you want expert salespeople, then you have to train the way experts train.

Big Trouble At Your Dealership

Because let’s be honest, it’s not often that you hire an A-Player that comes in firing on all cylinders. Which means you’re spending hours in recruiting because of the high turnover in a position where there is little job satisfaction and even less pro-performance. This is days, hours, weeks of your time down the drain.

So you spend thousands on the next tech solution that “will help your people sell more cars.” But will it? Not likely.

So you end up behind the eight ball every month, as all of this results in unhappy customers, fewer cars sold and resources that can’t be recouped.

Sh*t has hit the fan.

As salespeople do and know less while the customer does more, the value of the salesperson goes down and so do the commissions.

Not to mention that as the focus shifts from a people-focused business to a product-focused business, the salesperson matters less and is easily replaced by the Internet.

But not really.

Although as the perceived value of the salesperson and the dealership goes down, so does gross, profit and commission.

But there is a better way…

You can align your business’s goals with your customers’ needs.

“You can have everything in life you want, if you help other people get what they want.” –Zig Ziglar

We’ve developed a system that will show Dealers, General Managers and Sales Managers how to revolutionize the way your team approaches sales training. And on November 4, 2018, we’re hosting a special, members-only workshop giving you all the tools, tips and training your management needs to train your salespeople to transform the car-buying process.

In this FREE 6-hour workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to transform the 12 steps to buying a car into an experience both your customers and your salespeople will love.
  • How to create a high-achieving sales team that doesn’t rely on a handful of superstars to close the month strong.
  • How to close incrementally more sales with the leads and traffic you’ve already got.
  • How shifting your approach to sales will increase unit sales, gross, net profit and CSI.

Plus, the salespeople will love it because it will increase their income today and year after year as they adopt a more customer-centric approach to selling.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

To learn more about becoming a member and the special Car Buying Coach Kick-Off Event, click here.