Most car ads either feature loud-mount voiceover artist, a pretty spokesmodel, a dog or just pictures of cars. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that customers do not feel a connection to voiceover guys, spokesmodels, or pictures of cars. On the other hand, our members are enjoying increased results simply by using a real person in their advertising. Regardless of the media—radio, TV, web site, in store point-of-sale material—featuring a real person as the face, voice and personality of the marketing increases the effectiveness and drives more traffic.

Why does a real person work better than a voiceover, spokesmodel, or car? Because people care about other people. In a local market, a personal brand can be build rapidly. Personal brands inspire trust. Personal brands are very magnetic (because customers literally show up to meet the ‘celebrity’ they saw on TV or heard on the radio). Personal brands build loyalty (people prefer to buy cars from this person instead of from some other company). Personal brands are memorable. Personal brands are unique—other dealerships have pro voiceovers, spokesmodels, and cars (and they all look and sound pretty similar), but no other dealership will have your personality.

You’ll know this is working for you when people start to recognize you (if you’re the personality) in public, before you introduce yourself.