Most dealerships appear to be about one thing—selling cars. Nothing wrong with that, but that position does not inspire very much excitement or loyalty among customers. A simple and effective way to get your dealership to stand out and see a big increase in traffic is to make it clear that you stand for more than just selling cars.

What do you stand for? What are you about? What are your values? What do you believe in?Your answers to these questions should help you form a clear positioning message that makes it evident to the people in your town that you really care about them and about your community.

To fully maximize the opportunity and the results that come from effective positioning, you should go beyond words. Actually support the community. Actually care about your customers. Actually create an incredible and memorable buying experience. Actually be a provider of solutions, confidence and value.

Many of our members have taken this so seriously that their names have become synonymous with large community events that locals love and look forward to each year. Other members have supported (and in turn been supported by) local community organizations. This all creates a ripple effect and can have a massive impact on traffic.

You’ll know you nailed it when your customers can explain your unique position as well as your sales people can.