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A Scary Future For Car Dealers (And A Better Way)

While most dealers are scurrying around chasing after the thin deals of today, you can and should be directing your efforts toward accelerating tomorrow’s buyers to create your own evergreen crop of “solutions” buyers who value your help and the service you provide and are happy to pay more for it. It’s the biggest opportunity in the car business and the most untapped source of customers.

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The Four Warning Signs A Market Retraction Is Here—What’s A Dealer To Do?

Industry experts have been promising a market downturn for more than a year now. And with each quarter their warnings become more enthusiastic. And yet, March sales finished strong. So what’s the deal? How can you know if we’re really headed for a market retraction or if they’re just blowing smoke. Well, we did some digging and we uncovered 4 warning signs that a market retraction isn’t just coming…it’s here. Plus, we’ll tell you what you can do about it!

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