53% of respondents reported that traffic was good last weekend. That’s up 6 points over last week. And up 3 points over October’s average.

This could be good news. Most of the dealers who responded to the Dealer Confidence Index reported that they felt the election was negatively impacting the business. And these Weekend Traffic Poll results seem to suggest that we might already be seeing a bounce back now that the heated Presidential has drawn to a close.

However, after LMC lowered it’s expected sales forecasts for 2016-2023 in July, Jeff Schuster, Senior Vice President of Forecasting at LMC, noted that “the growth track that the U.S. market has been on since 2009 has stalled and appears to be leveling off.”

Will traffic continue to rise as the dust from the election settles?

Can the industry still expect to see a plateau-effect in sales?

Tune in next week to see what happens in the next Weekend Traffic Poll.