The past few months on Facebook have not been exactly fun. If you just want to catch up with friends or see some family photos, you have to wade through a lot of political posts both leading into and as a result of the election. Each time you read one of those posts, you probably fall into one of three categories—you completely agree with the message, completely disagree with what is being said, or absolutely do not care either way.

Truth be told, these groups apply to almost all information on social media. When someone posts a photo on Instagram of their gourmet meal, the comments are either “Ooh, that’s amazing,” or “stop showing us your food,” or it’s ignored altogether. And actually, it’s not just on social media. These are the three reactions we have to pretty much everything. It’s a phenomenon called the Rule of Thirds, meaning that when you deliver a message, one third of the audience will love it, one third will hate it, and one third will feel utter indifference.

But what impact does the Rule Of Thirds have on your dealership? Well, it has a major impact on how your advertising and marketing are received. Here’s the deal: one third of your audience is going to love you. So why not really craft your message for that group, specific group? Too many advertisers make the mistake of trying to appeal to everyone, and they end up convincing no one.

Consider the political Facebook posts that were previously mentioned. What would happen if someone tried to create a message that both sides could support. The message would either be annoying to both sides or so bland that it would not spur anyone into action. Don’t make your message so broad that it’s not actionable to the leads you want to convert into sales. Focus your marketing and advertising on the group that is looking for what you have to offer—a total automotive solution instead of just a car at the cheapest price. Use your marketing to explain why you offer so much more than the average car dealer—not everyone will respond to this message, but those who do will become solid leads for you and your team to convert.

Once you embrace the Rule of Thirds, crafting effective advertising becomes so much simpler. You no longer need to worry about appealing to people who were not going to respond to your message any way, and your marketing can speak all the more clearly to your potential customers.

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