There was a major downward shift in traffic last weekend as 66% of respondents to the Weekend Traffic Poll reported slow traffic. That means that 15% more dealerships experienced slower traffic last weekend than the weekend of 12/9.


Overall, December’s traffic is trending down 11 points from November’s average. This outlook is glum as we wrap up the few remaining weeks of 2016. Moreover, this suggests that many dealerships are not experiencing the actualization of outlooks expressed in the last Dealer Confidence Index.


This may also be the beginning of the dip many industry experts are forecasting in 2017.


Christmas week is being heralded as the best week to buy a car by consumer sites. Are you doing everything in your power to take advantage of the influx of traffic?

What have you been doing to attract your share of the holiday traffic?

What will happen in next week’s Traffic Poll? Tune in to find out!