Trust—it’s a serious issue in this business.

There’s a tremendous propagation of the cliché car salesman stereotype in this country, and it’s not helping anyone sell more cars. The harsh reality is, a lot of people do have negative past experiences about the car buying process. We’ve even met a few bad apples recently, having both purchased new cars recently. And the media isn’t doing the industry any favors either. Just do a quick Google image search on car dealer, and you’ll see exactly what we mean: images of chain-smoking, sleazy salespeople in plaid suits pop up… and they ain’t pretty. So between the stereotypes, real experiences, and negative media attention, today’s customers are suffering from a serious lack of trust.

You must fight to regain trust! Why?

Trust lowers barriers, such as buying resistance, and breaks down the walls between you and your customer. When someone trusts you, they are more likely to refer you and do business with you in the future. When you leverage trust and exude confidence, the entire sales process becomes enjoyable. You’ll create happy customers who refer you time and again, and wouldn’t think of buying a car from anyone else. It’s simple, really. If you create enough trust with your customer, your business will boom and flourish.

The great news is, you can use Gravitational Marketing® methods to create a dealership culture that builds trust between you and your customer—before, during and after the sale. The right marketing can help you build trust faster, positioning you as an expert advisor people want to do business with, instead of a product pusher people run away from. Trusted advisors survive and thrive in the marketplace (even through recessions), and trust is the foundation behind creating meaningful and lasting relationships between you and your customers.

Use Gravitational Marketing® to create trust and start the sales process before the customer walks through your door, making them ready and willing to do business with you. Doing this will make your business much more enjoyable for you, your staff and your customers. Getting people through the sales pipeline the old way is exhausting, especially if mistrust is evident every step of the way. In contrast, Gravitational Marketing® creates great customers who can’t wait to do business with you by using marketing to educate customers before they decide to buy.

But how do you start building this trust? Tune in next time when we’ll show you some ingeniously simple ways to build trust with your current and future customers.