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VDPs VS. Leads—Which Is More Important?

Since most customers are doing the majority of their research online before buying a car, there’s been a lot of emphasis placed on VDP KPIs, like VDP views and time spent on VDP, which has left us asking, “But what about the leads?” And we weren’t the only ones! So we tackle that question head on in our new post.

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3 Questions You Should Use When Greeting Customers That Are Guaranteed To Increase CSI And Sales

We all know that the negative stereotypes about car salespeople are the worst. They build a wall between your sales team and your customers and that wall is hard to climb over. But if you can manage to create a human-to-human connection, it is possible. It just takes a little interest on the part of your sales people and a few key questions.

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What’s Wrong With Your Connect Rate And How To Fix It

There are a lot of metrics that come into play when you’re evaluating the effectiveness of your BDC. One of the most important that rarely gets the attention it needs is Connect Rate. That’s partially because the definition of Connect Rate varies depending on who you ask and also because many BDCs are not generating enough activity to achieve an acceptable benchmark. In our new post, we dig into this important metric and show you what you can do to get your team where they need to be.

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