In sales, few things are more important than making a great first impression. Your first interaction with a customer can either be the first point of impact or the first point of disconnect.

But check in at any dealership in the country, and you’re virtually guaranteed to find that salespeople are fumbling this all-important step of the process. This could be because most training stops short, recommending only the need to be presentable and have a positive attitude.

This is unfortunate because it takes much more to start building rapport with a stranger than a pressed suit and a smile (although those things might help), especially when that stranger is already on-guard.

Remember: people hate salesmen and they hate being sold. And these preconceptions formed from past experiences are already driving a wedge between you and your customer.

Often, salespeople fail to make a great first impression before they’ve even stepped up the plate because of how they view the customer.

See, an Up is much more than an “at bat” and training your salespeople should start with redefining what an UP actually is.

  • An UP is not just a prospect.
  • An UP is not just a potential sale.
  • An UP is not just a chance to make your draw of increase your commission check.

An UP is an Unidentified Problem, and it’s your salespeople’s job to discover what this problem is and try to find a solution.

When your salespeople focus on solving the customer’s problem and not pushing for the sale, you create a buying environment where customers feel comfortable. Because customers will close themselves when they feel heard, understood and guided, working hard to build rapport and make them feel comfortable will help you sell more cars long run.

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