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It’s Not What You Say…It’s How You Say It—Teaching Your Team Tonality And How It Can Help You Sell More Cars

You teach your salespeople about the inventory, the processes, and how to close a sale. But most salespeople are never trained on their tonality even though good use of tonality can help your team build rapport with customers, which will help them close more deals. That’s why we’ve put together a guide for training your team on the importance of tonality.

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The Secret To Selling Cars In The Post-Coronavirus World

With various stay-at-home orders popping up everywhere, even if your state considers you an essential business, it might be tough getting customers right now. But we understand, some sales are better than no sales, so that’s why we’ve put together our top tips to help you attract customers and sell cars in the midst of this craziness.

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As More States Issue Stay-At-Home Orders, Many Dealerships Move To Remote And Hands-Free Sales Options—Here’s What Your Employees Need To Know About Communicating With Customers Via Phone, Text and Email

As more states issue stay-at-home orders, some dealerships move to remote and hands-free sales options. This shift to alternative communication methods may be a difficult for a number of positions in your dealership, especially positions who don’t frequently communicate by text, email and phone. Here are some good reminders for your staff as they move more of their communication with customers to text, phone and email.

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