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Create Exciting Monthly Promotions That Are Relevant To The Current Conversation

Have you seen or heard any car ads recently? They’re usually pretty bad. A lot of screaming and yelling, loud heavy metal music, cars driving past, low prices flashing on the screen. And they all seem the same. In fact, they’re so bad that most dealerships have stopped advertising all together (other than online vehicle listing services). On the other hand, it’s still entirely possible to drive a huge amount of traffic to your dealership through traditional advertising (think radio or TV), but the promotional messages must be different than the typical. One approach that has proven to be...

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Create Compelling Offers That Motivate People To Buy Now Rather Than Later

Here’s the deal: everybody wants a nicer car, a newer car than they one they’re driving right now. But most people are comfortably inclined to wait until later to act on their desires. Dr. Maxwell Maltz called this the deferred life plan—meaning, most people generally put off till later the living they would prefer to enjoy today. Why do they wait? For a raise, for a new job, to lose weight, to start a new relationship, to get divorced, to move, to graduate, for their kids to start school, for their old car to break down, for a new...

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Give Customers A Clear Reason To Choose Your Store Over All Others

The one thing all customers are seeking more than anything else is a buying preference—a reason to choose one car over another, one dealership over another. In the absence of a clear buying preference, customers resort to choosing a dealership based on location, availability, or price. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Our members are seeing customers buy from them without visiting any other dealership or any other dealership web site beforehand. Why? Because they are providing a clear buying preference (a reason to choose them over all others) in their marketing. What’s the best buying preference?...

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