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What’s Working Now? Marketing That Drives Sales

If you’re like many dealers today, what you’re doing to attract customers is not working the way it should be—or the way it once did. There was a time when you could just buy ads, show up at the dealership or send a postcard and get traffic. That’s no longer the case. Haven’t you been wondering what’s changed? Where have all the customers gone? The extinction of buyers is two fold: 1. The traditional model is broken and the old way of doing things is worn out and ineffective. 2. Automotive marketing is plagued by copy-cats and reprints. Dealers...

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How to Get More Without Spending More

After reading that headline, you may be asking yourself, “Get More What?” The answer is more of everything: more traffic, more sales, more response, more gross, more net profit, more respect, more fun and the list goes on. But here’s the thing…what you are about to learn doesn’t stop at the end of this article. Once you start digging into this concept you will end up head-over-heels, face down looking down a rabbit hole that goes VERY deep. You have to decide whether to take the leap of faith or stand on the outside while your competition jumps in...

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