Author: Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller

5 Ways To Attract More Customers Without Spending More On Advertising

You wanna sell more cars. (Doesn’t everybody?) And to sell more cars, you need more customers. That’s why most car dealers spend the majority of their time trying to figure out how to gain market share and pull more customers to their dealerships. But what if we told you there is an easier way? In our new blog post, we’ll show you 5 POWERFUL techniques to attract more customers to your store without spending more on advertising.

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The Four Warning Signs A Market Retraction Is Here—What’s A Dealer To Do?

Industry experts have been promising a market downturn for more than a year now. And with each quarter their warnings become more enthusiastic. And yet, March sales finished strong. So what’s the deal? How can you know if we’re really headed for a market retraction or if they’re just blowing smoke. Well, we did some digging and we uncovered 4 warning signs that a market retraction isn’t just coming…it’s here. Plus, we’ll tell you what you can do about it!

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3 Questions You Should Use When Greeting Customers That Are Guaranteed To Increase CSI And Sales

We all know that the negative stereotypes about car salespeople are the worst. They build a wall between your sales team and your customers and that wall is hard to climb over. But if you can manage to create a human-to-human connection, it is possible. It just takes a little interest on the part of your sales people and a few key questions.

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The Secret To Success: It’s What You Say And What Your Sales Team Does

It’s no secret things in the automotive industry today are changing and faster than ever before. Technology has become more sophisticated, competition more keen, and consumers—the people who buy your vehicles—have become more educated and aware. In fact, most research demonstrates that the average car buyer spends 14 hours online researching before they visit a dealership. That’s 14 hours of searching, reading and comparing before you even get the chance to talk to them. Having that many choices, allows your potential customers to choose which dealership they will work with not only based on vehicles (since many offer the...

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Change The Perception Of Your Dealership: Make Visiting Your Showroom An Experience

Make doing business with you unique and exciting – even if under the curtains it’s ordinary.

That’s the message in today’s blog post, and we show you how you can turn your ordinary showroom into a unique and exciting visit with a few simple tweaks to your thinking.

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