In automotive sales, summer is selling season. And this summer has been no exception. Dealerships around the country are reporting high traffic in their showrooms and record-breaking profits.

Even though new car sales were down the first two quarters of the year, used car sales have never been hotter. Despite setbacks like new car manufacturing delays and used car scarcity, a lot of dealers are doing everything they can to keep up with the crazy influx of customer demand.

But we see it every year. Dealers are flying high at the end of summer after a great selling season, but by mid-September, their dealership is a ghost town.

Don’t let your dealership fall into the usual pitfalls of the slower seasons. Here are 5 ideas your dealership can implement TODAY to keep your busy season rolling at full speed throughout the fall.

1. Don’t Stop Advertising

When sales start to slow down, a lot of dealers’ instinct is to take their foot off the gas. But advertising is like a magnet that attracts customers to your store. How can you continue to attract people and sell cars when you don’t have a magnet to pull them in?

For best results, your advertising should tap into the conversation that is already going on in the marketplace. And when you advertise correctly, it should feel like someone turned on a faucet at your dealership—the customers just start pouring in. More traffic means more opportunities for your sales team and for you.

2. Stop Selling Cars. Start Selling Solutions.

 It feels like a lot of people are car shopping right now. But that’s not true. A lot of people are looking for solutions right now—solutions to their transportation problems.

Maybe their current ride is too small, too old or too boring, the list is endless. The bottom line, these people aren’t shopping just because, they’re shopping for a reason. And when you get to the heart of these reasons, you’ll attract customers who want to buy from you and only you as a solutions provider.

3. Teach Your Salespeople To Listen More And Talk Less

Unfortunately, salespeople already come with a negative stigma, especially in the car business. But that doesn’t mean your salespeople can’t defy this stereotype.

A lot of salespeople talk and talk until they’re blue in the face in their quest to push their customers into a sale. But every great salesperson knows that it’s not about what you say, it’s about what you don’t say. Teach your salespeople to listen for understanding. They should be focused on getting to know their customers, understanding how they can help and offering up a real solution. When they do this, they’ll be more than just salespeople. They’ll be trusted advisors.

4. Make Your Dealership A Destination

You probably love your business and think it’s the greatest. But to your customers, you may be just another cookie-cutter dealership. This point of view isn’t fair, but customers aren’t able to see what makes you special unless you show them.

That’s why you need to do whatever it takes to make your dealership stand out. You need to be more inviting, more fun and more helpful than the rest. Play music, decorate for the seasons, facilitate a welcoming environment and even hold special events. All of these things will help make your dealership’s atmosphere more appealing and less threatening to the average customer.

5. Be A Community Advocate

With a larger movement towards socially conscience shopping nowadays, people want to buy from stores that make them feel good supporting. You want people to feel like they’re helping the community at large when they buy from you.

You do this by having an active presence in supporting the community. Volunteer, donate to local charities and get involved with non-profit organizations that you’re passionate about. Plus, it’s a great way to earn free publicity and show more people your dealership as a business worth supporting.

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