In the previous article, we revealed four ways you can continue reaping the benefits of the success you worked so hard to earn. In this post, we’re going to tackle five more ways you can stay on the success merry-go-round.

  1. Embrace Criticism

Being successful means being visible, which means you’ve gotta have thick skin if you’re gonna stay on top. Not everyone is going to get what you’re doing, and people are critical of what they don’t understand. But before you change for these critics, remember SAME IS LAME! Being unique, standing out and offering a valuable experience is what will allow you to maintain your success.

  1. Refine Systems

Running a business is a lot like spinning plates. Just as you get one plate going nice and steady, you have to move on to the next—from traffic you move on to sales and from sales you move on to FNI and so on and so forth until you’ve, hopefully, constructed systems in every area of your business. But just like plate spinning, that doesn’t mean your work is finished. Just as a plate spinner must return to the  first plates to give them a little push, you must routinely inspect and refine the systems and process within your business.

  1. Don’t Wait. Terminate!

You know who they are—the lazy, unmotivated salespeople, the ineffective managers, the negative Nancy’s who fight you every step of the way. Perhaps you let it slide for a while because they’ve been with you for so long or because who needs to add recruiting to your plate when you’re trying to bump the numbers. But now that things are running smoothly, it’s a heck of a lot more important. Just because someone produces high numbers doesn’t mean they have an excuse for being negative. Statistics show that group performance improves when negativity gets kicked to the curb. You have to lose your fear of letting people go. It’s either shape up. Or ship out.

  1. Squash Culture Creep

If you don’t create the culture in your dealership, someone else will. And culture is one of the most important components of maintaining a successful business because a good culture provides purpose, vision and satisfaction. It’s likely that if you’ve achieved success, you’ve already put a lot of thought and effort into creating a positive culture in your organization. But once you reach success, it’s easy for people to get lazy, and for old habits to slip back into the day-to-day grind. Make sure you maintain your focus on creating a culture that makes the work your employees are doing valuable.

  1. Constant Incremental Improvement

Kaizen is the Japanese word for improvement. It’s the practice of constant, incremental improvement. What it means for you is that even though you’ve reached success for now, there is always room to be better, to achieve more. The practice of kaizen was popularized by Toyoto, and you can make it work in your own business by planning, acting, measuring and then tweaking.


Admittedly, it’s easy to achieve a goal or reach a new level of success and need a break or take a breath. We wish we could tell you that that’s the truth. But if you truly want to sustain success, or better yet continue that explosive growth, you have to continue working at it. Hopefully the tips we’ve provided in this series will give you an idea of where to start this work, so you can continue growing and surpassing your goals.