Here are the results of the Weekend Traffic Poll for October 28-30.

Traffic last weekend was hit or miss with 50% of respondents reporting that traffic was good, while the other 50% had a slow week.

While this shows a slight improvement over last week’s results, it’s still not great for the end of the month when everyone’s trying to make moves and close deals.

The election likely has a lot to do with the lackluster reports about traffic this month. Elections typically have a depressing effect on the economy, linked closely to an increase in anxiety and uncertainty. And these feelings are only exacerbated when the candidates are polarizing.

When the future of who will be making laws and running the country is still up in the air, people are generally reluctant to make large purchases, like houses and cars. To this point, The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index for October showed consumers’ optimism faltering, as the Index fell from 103.5 in September to just 98.6 this month.

Moreover, the Traffic Poll’s trending data for the month of October reinforces this outlook, as the percent of dealers who reported good traffic has fallen 2% over the course of the month.


Luckily, the election will soon be behind us…

Will traffic improve after the election? Or will it remain stagnant?

Is there enough time in 2016 to play fourth quarter catch-up?

What’s your plan for increasing traffic in November?

Tune in next week to see what happens in the next Weekend Traffic Poll.

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