An efficient BDC can double a dealership’s traffic and help fill your showroom daily. But a bad BDC can end up costing your dealership more than it helps.

In fact, a good BDC is integral to many of the sales made each month at a dealership. So you’d think with how important BDCs are they would get more attention. Nope, in fact most dealerships stick the BDC in a forgotten corner and they only get recognized when it comes to pointing out their shortcomings.

Whether you already have an established BDC or you’re looking to build one from the ground up, these six tips will help your BDC book more appointments.

Establish A Team Name

Names are important. In most dealerships, the terms BDC and BDR have developed a negative connotation. Can you hear someone in your store say, “she’s just a BDR,” or “just be glad you don’t work in the BDC.”

In fact, many stores punish non-performing salespeople by making them work in the BDC. What type of message does that send? Instead give your BDC an identity they’re proud to claim. When your BDRs are proud of the team they work on, they’ll work harder.

Give Them A Mission & Purpose

You’d be surprised how many BDRs view their work as unimportant and this makes them feel under-valued and under-appreciated. You need to show them how their daily work greatly impacts the success of the entire dealership.

Once you breakdown the number and show your BDRs just how important they are, then establish a mission statement and purpose they can all rally behind. 

Location, Location, Location

Like we said earlier, most dealerships banish BDCs to some forgotten corner where nobody goes unless they have to. This gives your BDRs a feeling of isolation that will lead to poor morale. Setup your BDC somewhere where they’ll feel the love from you and all other departments.

Not only that, but give the room a fresh coat of paint, a brighter lightbulb and some fun decorations. The BDC environment should look fun and inviting from the moment you step through the door.

Simplify The Pay Plan

No one likes complicated pay plans. Simple pay plans motivate BDRs to hit their goals because they actually have a clear understanding of what their goals are and how it directly relates to how much they make. We suggest you pay each BDR a flat hourly wage plus a bonus for each set appointment. Once an individual surpasses their goal for the week, the bonus amount per set appointment should increase (to reward high performers).

This easy to understand pay plan will act as an incentive for your BDRs to reach their goals week after week.

Give Recognition Where It’s Due

Make a big deal when your BDC hits and even exceeds their goals. Make sure everyone in the dealership knows what your BDC accomplished. Your BDCs will appreciate the positive attention and reinforcement.  And this good feeling is addicting, so your BDC will stretch to make these goals again and again. 

Establish An Aggressive Call Cadence

The probability of scheduling a lead decreases by half just 24 hours after becoming a lead. But that doesn’t mean your BDRs should give up. They need to call and re-call every single lead. Sometimes it takes 10 calls just to schedule an appointment.

Your BDC should follow an aggressive Call Cadence that not only helps them call as soon as someone becomes a lead but also helps them follow up regularly throughout the next couple weeks.

These tips and tricks might seem unconventional, but you’d be surprised how much of an impact these six factors will have on the success of your BDC. Want more information about how you can build and run a profitable BDC? Check out our eBook The Ultimate Guide To A Powerhouse BDC.