The one thing all customers are seeking more than anything else is a buying preference—a reason to choose one car over another, one dealership over another. In the absence of a clear buying preference, customers resort to choosing a dealership based on location, availability, or price. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Our members are seeing customers buy from them without visiting any other dealership or any other dealership web site beforehand. Why? Because they are providing a clear buying preference (a reason to choose them over all others) in their marketing.

What’s the best buying preference? There is no one right answer. The best answer for your dealership comes from examining your values, your buying experience, your people and discovering what makes you truly and uniquely valuable when compared to the other options.

You’ll now when you get this right because you’ll see an immediate increase in traffic and you’ll experience customers buying from you without bothering to shop around first.