The results of the Weekend Traffic Poll for October 14-16 are in! And many of you think that things are looking up.

Last weekend, 60% of dealers reported good traffic. That’s up 8% from the previous weekend.

Meanwhile, 40% of dealers are still reporting that traffic is slow.

This is good news for the second weekend in October, but is it enough to help you pull out a successful month? Especially as the fourth quarter industry slump hangs over us

These results hit on the heels of Ford’s major announcement that they are reducing production after a slow second quarter and stagnant sales in September. Reuters reported that the auto giant will cut production of “Ford’s three highest-volume models in the U.S.” including F-150s, Fusions, and Escapes.

Is Ford the first of many manufacturers to cut production in response to lackluster sales? Some think so, Wolf Richter of Business Insider reported earlier this week that industry sales are flat for 2016 and yet vehicle production “jumped 7.3% year-over-year.” He also argued that other manufacturers will soon be feeling the weight of the same problem.


Will cutting production impact vehicle availability for dealerships?

Will traffic continue to increase next week?

What’s your plan for generating more traffic as the year winds down?

Tune in next week and see what happens in the next Weekend Traffic Poll.