Previously on your favorite automotive industry blog we discussed the importance of using a proper headline in your ads.

Using a compelling, benefits-oriented headline in your ads is key because it draws your reader into the ad. But you’ll lose them really quickly after that if the rest of your ad looks and feels the exact same as every other car dealerships. Take a look at your ads. What do you see? Are there a bunch of pictures of cars and prices? If so, this next success tip is specifically for you. Check it out…

Success Key #4: Stop Competing On Price

It’s amazing to us how many dealers spend time and money hunting down, fishing for and pulling in price-shopping customers. Many dealers work tirelessly to create just the right setup to attract these in-market shoppers. They spend countless hours picking out just the right inventory, slashing prices and fighting over the few fish in this tiny pool. But here’s a secret: there’s a better way. You don’t have to compete on price. In fact, there’s a completely different way to do business that places less emphasis on inventory, allows for a bigger target market and means you’ll never have to sell a car below invoice again.

But there’s a catch. If you aren’t going to compete on price, then you must establish a different competitive advantage. It’s true that if there are no other distinguishing factors, your customers will default to price shopping, and you’ll be stuck slashing prices. But if you create a compelling reason for your customers to buy from you today, you’ll create a consistent flow of customers who want to buy a car from you…and only you.

That’s because people are looking for a buying preference. So give them one.

Here’s a hint: “The best dealership with the best service” and “lowest price” do not belong in the same sentence, marketing piece or dealership.

Many great dealerships end up pricing themselves out of business because they don’t understand that consumers will pay more than the lowest price if you give them another reason to choosing you. Remember, if left with no other differentiating factors, price is the only option.

How much you can charge for something is completely based on your ability to sell it, which means that if you raise your level of service, expertise, education and experience, what you make in terms of gross will naturally rise as well because who wouldn’t pay a little extra to work with the best?

What’s the fifth key to successful automotive marketing?

We’ll tell you next time in our final post of this series: The Five Keys To Successful Automotive Marketing.