Picking up where we left off last time, today we’re going to investigate the third Key Of Successful Automotive Marketing. We already know that a typical problem in the automotive industry is that an ungodly amount of cash is thrown into the marketing/advertising arena with less than stellar results. This series has been designed to help you stretch your ad dollars and make everything you do more profitable.

Armed with a clear understanding of what marketing is and how you should establish your marketing system, the next thing you must do is make sure you build ads that work. The fourth key of successful automotive marketing deals with just this.

Success Key #3: Use A Proper Headline In All Your Ads

You may not know this… but the name of your dealership is NOT a headline. Let’s repeat that again for the “hard of reading.” The name of your dealership is NOT a headline.

So what is a headline? Think of a headline as an ad for your ad. If you were trying to get someone interested in reading your ad, what would you say to them? If someone asked why they should read your ad and you told them your dealership name and nothing else, do you think it would compel them to read the ad? Of course not!

For a headline, you want to use a statement that will pique your prospect’s interest and pull them into your ad. Something they can’t resist like…

  • How To Choose A Car Dealer
  • The Best Vehicle You’ve Ever Driven Or It’s Free
  • Four Big Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A New Car And The Dealership Where You Buy It

An insider trick to really make your headlines pull people in is to tie your advertising and marketing into current events and pop culture.

The key is to tap into the conversation that is already going on inside your prospects’ heads. If your message matches what the reader is already thinking and talking about, it is going to be read by more people than if you try to create a new conversation altogether.

You see, it is much easier to sell a prospect if you are in sync with what they are already thinking and talking about. Plus, by tapping into their current thoughts and emotions your message will penetrate deeper and make a longer lasting and more powerful impact.

So make sure that every one of your ads has a compelling headline that goes beyond the name of your dealership. As an added bonus, attract more readers by tying your ad into the conversation that’s already going on. When these two features come together, they result in a perfect headline that attracts attention and gets read.

We’ll see you right here next time when we’ll be talking about the next of The Five Key Of Successful Automotive Marketing…Stay Classy!