Let’s face it, making phone calls all day is TOUGH! Your BDRs face bogus phone numbers, people hanging up on them, rejection…and all before 10:00 AM.

Working with this much negativity not only deflates your BDRs morale but it will affect their overall output. This means less scheduled appointments, which will lead to fewer cars sold.

But just because they’re working a demanding and sometimes demoralizing job doesn’t mean their morale should suffer. And the number of scheduled appointments shouldn’t suffer as a result of their low morale either.

So even when your BDRs are hit with the worst of circumstances, there’s something you can do every day to keep their output on track.

Maintain an uplifting culture for them to work in.

A positive culture and energy is infectious. If you foster a strong culture in your BDC, your BDRs won’t have as difficult a time bouncing back from setbacks. That’s why it’s so important to invest in a good culture.

It might seem like an obvious answer, but just because the answer is obvious doesn’t mean the path to achieving it is.

So how do you create this culture?

First, think of your BDC’s culture as an air mattress on a camping trip: it needs to be re-inflated every day. Left alone, the team will slowly leak out morale, intensity and purpose. Then the results will fall flat.

That’s why you need daily inflation.

But how do you make daily inflation happen in your BDC?

It’s easy to do, but it takes time and dedication. You need to complete these 7 steps every day, multiple times a day in order to start improving the culture of your BDC.

Once you start taking the time and effort to improve your BDC’s culture you’ll start to see a drastic improvement in their output immediately.

Here’s what you need to do:

I Invest in continuous improvement and training
N Nudge them to take the extra step
F Find purpose in what they’re doing
L Let them know what they’re doing right
A Appreciate their contribution
T Tell them you love them every day
E Encourage them to be their best

None of these steps are difficult to implement, but all too often many BDC managers neglect these actions. Or they’ll do some steps and skip others. But in order to build a culture in your BDC that creates more output, you need to complete each of these steps every day.

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