From manufacturing shutdowns and declining inventory to budget cuts and low employee morale, dealerships across the country are facing a lot right now.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of book recommendations to help you tackle the big challenges facing your dealership right now.

 The Big Leap By Gay Hendricks

Many dealers don’t realize they’re holding themselves back from growth. The Big Leap is about changing your overall perspective. You’ll learn to embrace a mentality that’ll help you achieve more than you ever thought possible.

This book will help you identify roadblocks at your dealership and give you the tools to overcome them. Get ready to achieve the impossible.

Start With Why By Simon Sinek 

You’ve got a lot on your plate right now. Managing your employees’ emotions is probably the last thing you feel like you have time to think about. But their attitude, work ethic and approach to customers are more important than ever. One thing you can do to help manage employees, retool your culture and eliminate 1,000 other decisions is to read this book and start defining your company values.

This book will show you how to inspire your employees to work their hardest—you’ll also learn new ways to motivate through communication and small mindset changes. Plus, how to create chain reactions that’ll lead to employees inspiring each other to work their hardest.

Purple Cow By Seth Godin 

To save money, many dealerships reduce or cut their marketing and advertising altogether. But if you wanna attract more customers, make more money and sell more cars, marketing is your only option. If you aren’t seeing results from your current marketing, it’s more likely it isn’t working the way it’s supposed to then that marketing just “doesn’t work.”

In Purple Cow, you’ll learn how to make your advertising stand out in a crowded market and discover ways to make your advertising more memorable. More than anything you’ll see what it takes to get customers to take action. This book is a must read for dealerships who are ready to bounce back and grow market share.

Invasion Of The Profit Snatchers By Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller

2020 has thrown a lot at us that we’ve had little control over. Most recently, the looming economic issues as we get back to work.

But even as we reopen our doors, there’s more regulations and red tape in place than ever. We aren’t denying the necessity of it, but it is another burden that independent business owners have to shoulder now. In addition to that, the media is running rampant, unemployment is at record levels, you’ve had months with your doors shut and now serious inventory shortages. It’s a lot to bear.

It may even feel like you’ve lost control of your business. But contrary to common belief, you can regain control of your business.

The secret to breaking free from market fluctuations and recession-proofing your business, is having a fool-proof plan that reliably drives traffic to your store, regardless of what’s happening in the market at large. Invasion Of The Profit Snatchers gives you that plan, showing you how to increase sales without cutting prices, hot to reliably attract customers day after day and month after month and how to get back to having fun in the car business again.

We talked to the authors, and right now they’re giving away copies for free right now to our readers. Click here to get your free copy.