In order for members of your sales team to be good at their job, they have to be able to connect with customers, be able to carry a conversation and be effective communicators.

Whether they’re following up with a lead over the phone, making a great first impression, or trying to close a deal, it’s their job to woo the customers. They should be like a knight in shining armor or a ray of sunshine in the customer’s day.

One big way your sales team can do this is by using intentional tonality.

See, tonality plays an important role at your dealership. With the right use of tonality at the right time, your salespeople can gain more control over their conversations. This control over the conversation will help your salespeople steer customers closer to a sale.

But what is tonality?

Tonality is a form of nonverbal communication that plays a big role in how other people receive what is being said.

Tonality involves:

  1. Tempo (speed and rhythm) — Some people talk naturally very quickly, while others talk slowly with long slow pauses between words.
  2. Dynamics (volume) — We’ve all heard voices that are boisterous and loud and others that are so soft they’re barely a whisper.
  3. Pitch (inflection) — Pitch can range from deep monotone to shrilly high.

Having mastery over tempo, dynamics and pitch will allow your staff the flexibility to automatically adapt to many situations they may come across when communicating with customers.

In fact, by strategically applying tonal patterns to words and phrases, your salespeople will be able to subliminally affect customers on an emotional level rather than a logical one, especially when they use one of these five types of intentional tonality.

Tone Of Familiarity — We know each other. You’re safe talking to me.

Tone Of Confidentiality — I’m letting you in on something special, a secret that not everybody knows. This is something worth listening to. Thus, it’s safe to share your secrets with me.

Tone Of Reason — What I’m telling you right now makes perfect sense and is easy to agree with. Obviously, you feel the same way, too.

 Tone Of Sincerity — I genuinely care about you and about the outcome of this situation. I truly mean every word of what I’m telling you right now.

 Tone Of Certainty — There’s no debating what I’m saying. I am revealing an absolute, indisputable truth. You’d be crazy to disagree.

The true power of tonality is knowing which of the five to use at any given time. But when your team is able to master tonality, your customers will respond positively and immediately.

In the end, good tonality makes a good sales team and a good sales team sells more cars.

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