Dealers and managers who accept that satisfactory is…well…satisfactory are going nowhere fast.

The minute that you start accepting that doing “okay” and “getting by” are enough is the moment you surrender yourself and your business to oblivion. You’re never going to do great things if you think that it’s fine to just get by. That’s why you should be focused on growth, profits and success every single day.

Stop letting Same Is Lame® excuses stand in the way of your growth. You can find the right people. You can get the inventory you need. You do provide a valuable service. And your customers will pay for that service, regardless of your location.

You can be successful.

You just need to be passionate and raise your expectations.

So start today.

Start looking for a way to deliver more value.

Start looking for a way to build real connections with your customers.

Start figuring out what makes you different.

And start holding yourself and your employees accountable.

When you start demanding success and working for it every day, you’ll start seeing results that are more than just satisfactory.