53% of respondents to last weekend’s Traffic Poll reported that traffic was slow. That’s three points down from the previous week.

Much of this dip is likely due to the lead up to the election, which occurred on Tuesday. But now the election is over, and in January, Donald Trump will take his seat as the 45th President of the United States.

It is still unclear the impact that Trump’s presidency will have on the automotive industry. He campaigned on making drastic changes to many areas of American policy, from trade to transportation to the economy and the environment.

However, it is still uncertain what Trump’s first few months in office will bring with it. As Just-Auto.com noted, “it is one thing to say things in the heat of a political campaign (and this presidential campaign appeared very divisive), but actually being in office presents different challenges and constraints.” And while the market traditionally hates uncertainty, Trump’s promises of sweeping tax cuts, increased spending and looser regulations could mean growth, as we’ve seen in the DOW Jones Industrial Average was up 2-days after Trump’s victory.

At the Traffic Institute, we’ll be keeping close watch on the impact that the end of the election and the transition into a Trump presidency has on local dealership traffic reports.

What will the impact of Trump’s victory be?

Will traffic trends this weekend see a bump like the stock market?

Tune in next week to see what happens in the next Weekend Traffic Poll.