Respondents reported that traffic was 50/50 last weekend, with only 50% reporting that traffic was good. That’s down from 63% last week. And seems to suggest that many dealerships were disappointed, as they were hoping to see big draws from Black Friday and the first shopping weekend of the holidays.

This is surprising since the Consumer Confidence Index soared to 107.1 this month. That’s up from 98.6 in October and well above the projected 101.2.

However, according to Associated Press Auto Writers Dee-Ann Durbin and Tom Krisher this still indicates that sales are rebounding after the conclusion of the election: “Black Friday deals and postelection confidence helped pull November U.S. auto sales out of their recent slump – and increased the chances that 2016 could set a record for new vehicle sales.” In fact, this was the first month since July that showed an increase in year-over-year sales.

Still, there are concerns in some audiences that the unprecedented six-year auto sales boom could be coming to an end.

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