On Wednesday, we shared with you the number one way you can increase your level of success in achieving your targets—setting short-term, measurable goals. Read on for the next two steps to increase your success rate.

Step 2: Involve Your Team

Ultimately, you decide the numbers, but to reach them, you need your staff to deliver on a daily basis. If you hand salespeople goals and tell them to go out and do it, they will, but this behavior will allow doubt to creep into their minds—doubt about how you set those numbers and whether you are still in touch with what it’s like to be in sales.

But if you sit the team down and get their input when building the targets, they will own those goals. Buy-in means your targets become a group effort and your entire team will play an integral part in helping customers and growing the business. And that’s work worth doing.

Step 3: Sweat The Details

Don’t just review daily and weekly sales reports—get into the nitty gritty about what is working and what is not.

By building your goals from the bottom up instead of just dividing up a yearly number, you can be more nimble with your marketing and promotion, capitalizing on campaigns that are working and tweaking those that are not.

Changing your advertising message on a monthly basis also keeps you fresh in the consumer’s minds and allows you to better understand what they respond to. It also allows you to tie into the conversation that’s currently happening in the marketplace, making you more topical to your target market.


Of course, at the end of the day, the easiest way to make sure your sales team will hit their goals is to increase the flow of traffic to your dealership. Attracting a steady flow of buyers creates a target that’s achievable.

After all it’s a lot easier to hit a bull’s-eye when it covers most of the target.