We’ve got the results of the Weekend Traffic Poll for October 21-23, 2016, and the outlook’s not so sunny.

This week, 62% of dealers reported slow traffic. That’s 22% more dealerships experiencing slower traffic last weekend than the weekend before.

And Edmunds.com forecasts a 5.2 percent decrease in new car and truck sales this month from September 2016.

A major dip in traffic like this might scare some owners and managers, but at the Traffic Institute, we know that the best time to grow can be during a downturn, as long as you know how to make it work.

In August, we wrote a post called “Don’t Let Negative Sales Forecasts Burst Your Bubble” which gave suggestions on this specific topic. The main takeaway is that “you can withstand selling to fewer customers if you make more money from each one, but in order to make more money on every sale, you must deliver more value.” Read the rest of the post here to brush up on how you can be providing more value without spending more.

Will traffic continue its downward tilt?

Are you prepared for the end of the year slump?

What will happen in the next Weekend Traffic Poll?

Tune in next week and see!