One of our biggest success strategies is speed. We’re always chasing after it. More speed equals more action which creates more results. But speed doesn’t always mean doing things faster. Sometimes the most speed can be gained from choosing the best place to focus your time, energy and dollars. We call this… looking for the Closest Money.

We are constantly working and refining success strategies and marketing ideas like these to help our clients and members get more done and have a business and life that are more ESP – Enjoyable, Simple and Prosperous®.

Now we don’t expect you to spend all your time immersed in marketing and refining success strategies the way we do on a daily basis.

BUT we do expect you to take the advice we give you because we’re boiling it down for you and hopefully making you think about things you wouldn’t have thought about otherwise, challenging you to do things you wouldn’t normally do and making your brain work in ways it doesn’t naturally.

The Closest Money Strategy is something so simple and critical to your marketing and sales success. And we know we haven’t made a BIG enough deal about it here.

We are only going to be scratching the surface of this concept here…but today it is essential and if you aren’t doing this you need to start immediately leveraging this opportunity for speed!

What we’ve identified recently is a honey-hole for dealers that quite possibly could be the closest money for you.

So I’m sure you’re asking yourself…”Jim & Travis, what are you talking about??”

We’re talking about effectively and systematically collecting your prospects’ and customers’ contact information—including email address—and leveraging it fully. That means MEANINGFUL communication, sent frequently, so you can build authentic relationships with your customers.

Many people who market online understand this concept. But many dealers we encounter do not get the power of this. You need to be actively creating & using a database. Your database is GOLD!

Most dealerships collect their customers’ contact info when they buy something and some do a good job at keeping it current and in a usable state, but most don’t even do that. But just as important as keeping your customers’ data, is keeping your prospects’ information.

If a lead calls up on the phone or an up shows up on the lot, you must have a system that collects their information. It seems like every retailer you visit nowadays asks for your email or your phone number. Have you noticed? They collect information vigorously. And you should too!

At the very least you want a prospect’s email address and their permission to send them stuff in the future. It is imperative and can quadruple the effectiveness of your marketing and significantly impact your bottom-line. At best, you want full contact information so you can mail, email and phone them.

So here’s the big question…

How do you get all the info? You need to have a system that allows you to get at least the email of every prospect who calls, comes into your location or runs into in public. You need something to exchange for their permission to market to them in the future. No one is really going to give you their most valuable possession (their attention and time) for nothing.

So if you are going to have a chance at getting them to give you their contact info and in turn their attention and permission to create an open dialogue and relationship, you better have something they want.

We recommend using valuable information and the concept of giving value first.

We’ve all heard about giving added value after the sale, right? We think that is NONSENSE… You are rewarded for the value you deliver to the marketplace in conjunction with what you do potentially better than anyone else. And you have to deliver that value FIRST – Before a sale is ever made.

That’s how you get people’s attention and permission and create relationships and customers for life. That’s how you create raving fans that recommend you and talk about you to others. That’s how you get more referrals than you can handle and that’s how you can harness the power of that elusive, best-marketing-on-the-planet-because-it’s-free, Word Of Mouth Advertising.

But it all starts with aggressively pursuing and making it TOP priority to collect the contact info (especially email) of all the prospects you ever come in contact with. With email you can market to them for free in the future.