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Change The Perception Of Your Dealership: Make Visiting Your Showroom An Experience

Make doing business with you unique and exciting – even if under the curtains it’s ordinary.

That’s the message in today’s blog post, and we show you how you can turn your ordinary showroom into a unique and exciting visit with a few simple tweaks to your thinking.

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How You Can Harness The Power Of Word-Of-Mouth Advertising

One of the most powerful ways to promote and communicate the value of your dealership is by getting other people who think your dealership experience is great – to say it to others.

In our latest blog post we give dealers a few simple, but BIG ideas on how to leverage word-of-mouth advertising at their dealership.

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The Experts Are Wrong (Part 2 of 2)

Now that you know that experts are wrong about hiring voice-over talent, the next natural question you should be asking is “what else are they wrong about?” An excellent question! It’s an easy answer as well—there’s another common advertising “fact” that is nothing more than a myth, and that’s the theory of “spray and pray”. What is “spray and pray” you might be asking. It’s the plan to try and hit as many potential leads as possible by diversifying your advertising budget across a variety of platforms. Running ads across television, radio, internet, and print will get the leads...

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The Experts Are Wrong (Part 1 of 2)

Owning and running your dealership puts a lot on your plate. At any given time, you are thinking about inventory, staff, expenses, and of course, advertising. It’s difficult being an expert at everything, so it would be nice to rely on the knowledge of professionals out there, particularly when planning and executing your advertising. But be careful! Some of those experts are pushing you into cookie-cutter solutions that they think will work no matter what you sell—from insurance through televisions and shoes. They don’t understand that buying a car is fundamentally different than those other products, and their oversimplified...

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Don’t Blend In—Make Sure Your Customers Can Spot You

I never understood the Where’s Waldo? books growing up. It might have been fun to pick out Waldo in his blended environment, but really, who wants to blend in? Isn’t it better to stand out? I thought that then, and when I consider business now, standing out is a must. When you are looking to sell anything (particularly cars), you need to do everything you can to reach your customers in a crowded marketplace. The hard truth is that customers do most of their shopping and decision-making before they set foot in a dealership. So your mission should be...

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